Meet Our Favorite Nerds

Adrianna Hull

Adrianna is our make-up and ocarina specialist! She is one of the owners of the company. Adrianna is also very interested in Pokemon, special effects make-up, comics and RPGs. You may find her helping out at Pokemon League & Club, teaching workshops, running youth D&D or the register. You may even find her running panels at local conventions!

Photo of Adrianna Hull of Hometown Comics and Games

Frances Hull

Frances is one of the founders of the company. She loves being creative both in the shop and outside of the shop. You may see her running games like Magic. She is also the events planner here at Hometown Comics & Games. You may see her running the register, painting minis or terrain, or teaching people about board games or how to paint minis.  Working with local community groups. You may even see her locally on stage or teaching choreography for a local children's theater program! 


Justin is our new Front End Manager. He has been one of our multi-gamers for many years. He has been playing Yu-Gi-Oh for as he says “Way too long”. You can also chat with him about tabletop RPG, Magic, Minis, and even Gundam!

Photo of Justin of Hometown Comics and Games


David is now our lead for Pokemon League. He also works behind the counter often as well. David enjoys games of all kinds and is very happy to talk to others about them.

Photo of David of Hometown Comics and Games


Parker has just recently joined our full-time team. You may see him at conventions, running events or running the register. Parker has interests in TCGs, board games, RPGs, Anime, CosPlay, Comics and Miniature games.

Photo of Parker Hull of Hometown Comics and Games


Adonis is the 2nd member of our road team that run the booths at conventions. Adonis is a fan of Anime, Pokemon and other games. He is always happy to chit chat about all the awesome stuff in the shop.

Photo of Adonis of Hometown Comics and Games


Tyler is our Road Team lead. He enjoys the convention scene. Tyler has several fandoms that he is interested in. These include Gundam, Anime, Warhammer and Magic! You may find him behind the counter or on the road!