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Kamigami Battles Rise of the Old Ones Game

Kamigami Battles Rise of the Old Ones Game

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Kamigami Battles is going Lovecraftian taking the battle to the Dreamlands and beyond with ancient powers, creeping madness, and mythic artifacts!

If you've played either of the previous versions of Kamigami Battles (Battle of the Nine Realms or River of Souls), you'll recognize the same great gameplay - but new gods have arrived, along with their warriors and disciples. Brand-new for this version of Kamigami Battles, we've added Artifact cards, and were lucky enough to work with RPG and Magic: The Gathering card artist Brian Snoddy, who created some absolutely amazing pieces for this new mechanic.

Become an unfathomable being of unknowable power in Rise of the Old Ones, a spin-off from deckbuilding game Kamigami Battles that puts an anime spin on Lovecraftian horror.

Rise of the Old Ones is a standalone expansion for 2 to 6 players where you compete against each other as one of the cosmic horrors made popular by the works of HP Lovecraft. Featuring playable characters such as Hastur and Cthulhu, Rise of the Old Ones introduces a new mechanic in the form of artifacts.

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