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Tone Deaf Bards

Unsung Heroes Card Game

Unsung Heroes Card Game

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This is a game of misfits trying their best to fight the King Rat and become immortalized in Song. Game play is simple, but not simplex, and offers depth of play to the experienced, and accessibility to the beginners. It is a great family game, and full of dry humor.

Unsung Heroes is a resource management game that is unmatched in its class. It comes with more dice than a game has any right to have and is perfect for game night or to pull non gamers into the world of board games. Remember, even the mightiest of adventurers began with only hopes and dreams. Unsung Heroes is the classic 'leveling from 1 to 2' story.

Designed by lifelong nerds looking for good games to play with their non nerd family and friends, Unsung Heroes is quick to learn, yet enjoyable to play. The basic premise is simple: roll dice and play cards to earn points. Highest score gets the rat. Yet the game is deep enough to keep even the most ardent board gamers entertained.

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